/therr"mit/, Trademark.
a brand of thermite.

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also spelled  Thermite,  

      powdered mixture used in incendiary bombs, in the reduction of metals from their oxides, and as a source of heat in welding iron and steel and in foundry work.

      The powder consists of aluminum and the oxide of a metal such as iron. When ignited or heated, it gives off an enormous amount of heat as a result of the chemical combination of the aluminum with the oxygen of the oxide. The reaction temperature is estimated to be about 2,400° C (4,400° F).

      Thermit was discovered by a German chemist, Hans Goldschmidt (Goldschmidt, Hans), in 1895. A U.S. patent granted in 1897 related principally to the use of aluminum as a reducing agent for producing metals free of carbon. The term is a registered trade name of Thermex Metallurgical Inc. The metal formed in the process is carbon-free but usually contains small amounts of aluminum.

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