superior vena cava

pl. superior venae cavae.
See under vena cava. See illus. under heart. Also called precava.

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  • superior vena cava — n a vein that is the second largest vein in the human body, is formed by the union of the two brachiocephalic veins at the level of the space between the first two ribs, and returns blood to the right atrium of the heart from the upper half of… …   Medical dictionary

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  • superior vena cava — noun receives blood from the head and arms and chest and empties into the right atrium of the heart; formed from the azygos and both brachiocephalic veins • Syn: ↑precava • Hypernyms: ↑vena cava * * * noun : the portion of the caval system of a… …   Useful english dictionary

  • superior vena cava — noun Date: 1875 the branch of the vena cava of a vertebrate that brings blood back from the head and anterior part of the body to the heart …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • superior vena cava — noun The large vein which returns blood from the head, neck, thorax and both upper limbs to the right atrium of the heart …   Wiktionary

  • superior vena cava — n. (Medicine) precava, large vein which carries blood from the upper section of the body (head, neck, thorax and arms) to the right atrium of heart …   English contemporary dictionary

  • superior vena cava — The large vein that carries blood from the head, neck, arms, and chest to the heart …   English dictionary of cancer terms

  • Superior vena cava syndrome — Classification and external resources Superior vena cava syndrome in a person with bronchogenic carcinoma. Note the swelling of his face first thing in the morning (left) and its resolution after being upright all day (right). ICD …   Wikipedia

  • Superior vena cava syndrome — The symptoms that result from compression of the large vein that carries blood down to the heart. The superior vena cava is a large vein that transmits blood from the upper body back to the heart. The superior vena cava is located in the middle… …   Medical dictionary

  • superior vena cava persistent left — a developmental anomaly in which the left superior vena cava persists into postnatal life, usually draining into the left atrium; it is due to failure of the upper part of the left anterior cardinal vein to become obliterated. It may be an… …   Medical dictionary

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