/stoh"ping/, n. Geol.
a process by which magmas move upward in the earth by breaking off and engulfing blocks of overlying rocks.
[1770-80; STOPE + -ING1]

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      in mining engineering, the opening of large underground rooms, or stopes, by the excavation of ore. Stoping is practiced in underground mineral mining when the surrounding rock is strong enough to permit the drilling, blasting, and removal of ore without caving. In mines where the rock requires no artificial support, the operation is known as open stoping. A common open-stoping method is room-and-pillar mining, in which pillars of ore are left standing to support the rock over a flat-lying ore body.

      In many mining operations, stopes must be supported artificially. The principal supported-stoping method, practiced on steeply dipping ore bodies, is cut-and-fill mining, in which the opened stope is back-filled with waste materials as each layer of ore is removed.

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