/stingk"hawrn'/, n.
any of various rank-smelling, brown-capped mushrooms of the genus Phallus, esp. P. impudicus.
[1715-25; STINK + HORN]

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▪ fungus order
 any fungus of the order Phallales (phylum Basidiomycota, kingdom Fungi), typified by a phalluslike, ill-smelling fruiting body. Stinkhorns produce odours that attract the flies and other insects that assist in dispersing the reproductive bodies (spores). Their appearance is often sudden; the spore-forming tissue (gleba) can erupt from an underground “egg” and burst open within an hour, becoming slimy and fetid at maturity. Genera widespread in the temperate zone include Phallus, Mutinus, Dictyophora, Simblum, and Clathrus.

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