square sail

a sail set beneath a horizontal yard, the normal position of which, when not trimmed to the wind, is directly athwartships. See diag. under sail.

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      simplest form of rigging and the most ancient. The sails are attached to yards (crossbars) that are hung at their centres from the mast, and there are as many as five yards, one above the other. The characteristic of the square sail, apart from its shape, is that it always presents the same face to the wind, though the yard may pivot considerably about the mast. The square sail was the only rigging used in northern European waters until late in the Middle Ages, but by the 11th century it could be turned to catch the wind on the beam. Ultimately, it was combined with the more versatile fore-and-aft lateen sail of the Mediterranean to produce the full-rigged ship of the age of exploration. Square sails are little used in modern sailing.

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