speakingly, adv.speakingness, n.
/spee"king/, n.
1. the act, utterance, or discourse of a person who speaks.
2. speakings, literary works composed for recitation, as ancient bardic poetry; oral literature.
3. that speaks.
4. used in, suited to, or involving speaking or talking: the speaking voice.
5. of or pertaining to declamation.
6. giving information as if by speech: a speaking proof of a thing.
7. highly expressive: speaking eyes.
8. lifelike: a speaking likeness.
9. not on speaking terms, not or no longer in a relationship of open, willing, or ready communication, as because of resentment or estrangement: They had a squabble during the holidays, and now they're not on speaking terms.
10. on speaking terms,
a. in a relationship close enough for or limited to friendly superficialities: I don't know the hosts well, but we are certainly on speaking terms.
b. in a relationship of open, willing, or ready communication: Now that the debt has been settled, I hope you and your partner are on speaking terms again.
[1200-50; ME; see SPEAK, -ING1, -ING2]

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