somatic cell

Cell Biol.
1. one of the cells that take part in the formation of the body, becoming differentiated into the various tissues, organs, etc.
2. any cell other than a germ cell.

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  • Somatic cell — Somatic cells are any cells forming the body of an organism, as opposed to germline cells. In mammals, germline cells (also known as gametes ) are the spermatozoa and ova which fuse during fertilization to produce a cell called a zygote, from… …   Wikipedia

  • somatic cell — n. any of the cells of an organism that become differentiated into the tissues, organs, etc. of the body: opposed to GERM CELL …   English World dictionary

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  • somatic cell — n any of the cells of the body that compose the tissues, organs, and parts of that individual other than the germ cells …   Medical dictionary

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  • somatic cell — Usually any cell of a multicellular organism that will not contribute to the production of gametes, ie. most cells of which an organism is made: not a germ cell. Notice, however, the alternative use in somatic mesoderm …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • somatic cell — somat′ic cell′ n. 1) cbl one of the cells that take part in the formation of the body, becoming differentiated into the various tissues, organs, etc 2) cbl any cell of the body that is not a sexually reproductive cell (opposed to germ cell ) •… …   From formal English to slang

  • somatic cell — noun Any normal cell of an organism that is not involved in reproduction; a cell that is not on the germline …   Wiktionary

  • somatic cell — noun Biology any cell of an organism other than the reproductive cells …   English new terms dictionary

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