sleeping car

a railroad car fitted with berths, compartments, bedrooms, or drawing rooms for passengers to sleep in.
[1830-40, Amer.]

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▪ railroad vehicle
also called  Sleeper,  

      railroad coach designed for overnight passenger travel. The first sleeping cars were put in service on American railroads as early as the 1830s, but these were makeshift; the first car designed for comfortable nighttime travel was the Pullman sleeper, which was commercially introduced by George M. Pullman and Ben Field in 1865. The sleeping car made its appearance in Britain and Europe somewhat later and was variously named with words meaning “car” and “bed” or “sleep,” as in French wagon-lit or German Schlafwagen.

      A typical 20th-century sleeping car has six bedrooms, each with two beds, in the centre of the car; and six roomettes, with single beds, at each end. The consequent low density makes for high fares, creating a basic economic problem for railroads seeking to compete with airlines. This problem led to new design efforts to provide larger capacity; one result was the development of the “slumbercoach” with numerous deeply reclining seats.

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