/shooh"lays'/, n.
a string or lace for fastening a shoe.
[1640-50; SHOE + LACE]

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  • Shoelace — Shoe lace, n. a length of cord for tying the upper parts of a shoe together. Commercial shoelaces usually come in different lengths, and have each end confined in a narrow plastic tube for convenience in inserting the cords through the holes in a …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • shoelace — 1640s, from SHOE (Cf. shoe) (n.) + LACE (Cf. lace) (n.) …   Etymology dictionary

  • shoelace — ► NOUN ▪ a cord or leather strip passed through eyelets or hooks on opposite sides of a shoe and pulled tight and fastened …   English terms dictionary

  • shoelace — [sho͞olās΄] n. a length of cord, leather, etc. used for lacing and fastening a shoe …   English World dictionary

  • shoelace — n. 1) to tie; untie a shoelace 2) to knot a shoelace * * * [ ʃuːleɪs] untie a shoelace to knot a shoelace to tie …   Combinatory dictionary

  • shoelace — (also lace) noun ADJECTIVE ▪ undone, untied ▪ loose ▪ knotted ▪ a tightly knotted shoelace … OF SHOELACES …   Collocations dictionary

  • shoelace — shoe|lace [ˈʃu:leıs] n a thin piece of material, like string, that goes through holes in the front of your shoes and is used to fasten them = ↑lace tie/untie a shoelace ▪ Roger bent to tie his shoelace. ▪ Your shoelaces are undone …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • shoelace — UK [ˈʃuːˌleɪs] / US [ˈʃuˌleɪs] noun [countable] Word forms shoelace : singular shoelace plural shoelaces a thick string used for fastening a shoe on your foot …   English dictionary

  • shoelace — noun Date: circa 1647 a lace or string for fastening a shoe …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • shoelace — noun A lace used for fastening a shoe …   Wiktionary

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