See aphasia.

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  • mute — [adj] unable to speak aphasiac, aphasic, aphonic, muffled, mum, quiet, silenced, silent, speechless, tongueless, tongue tied, unexpressed, unpronounced, unsounded, unspeaking, unspoken, voiceless, wordless; concept 593 Ant. articulate, speaking,… …   New thesaurus

  • aphasia —   n. loss of powers of speech and of memory of words, due to injury to speech area of brain.    ♦ aphasic,    ♦ aphasiac, a. & n. (person) so afflicted …   Dictionary of difficult words

  • aphasia — [ə fā′zhə, ə fā′zhē ə, ə fā′zē ə] n. [ModL < Gr < aphatos, unuttered < a , not + phatos < phanai, to say: see PHONO ] total or partial loss of the power to use or understand words, usually caused by brain disease or injury aphasic [ə… …   English World dictionary

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