shedlike, adj.
/shed/, n.
1. a slight or rude structure built for shelter, storage, etc.
2. a large, strongly built structure, often open at the sides or end.
[1475-85; var. of SHADE]
shedable, sheddable, adj.
/shed/, v., shed, shedding, n.
1. to pour forth (water or other liquid), as a fountain.
2. to emit and let fall, as tears.
3. to impart or release; give or send forth (light, sound, fragrance, influence, etc.).
4. to resist being penetrated or affected by: cloth that sheds water.
5. to cast off or let fall (leaves, hair, feathers, skin, shell, etc.) by natural process.
6. Textiles. to separate (the warp) in forming a shed.
7. to fall off, as leaves.
8. to drop out, as hair, seed, grain, etc.
9. to cast off hair, feathers, skin, or other covering or parts by natural process.
10. shed blood,
a. to cause blood to flow.
b. to kill by violence; slaughter.
11. Textiles. (on a loom) a triangular, transverse opening created between raised and lowered warp threads through which the shuttle passes in depositing the loose pick.
[bef. 950; ME s(c)hed(d)en (v.), OE sceadan, var. of sceadan; c. G scheiden to divide]
Syn. 3. emit, radiate, effuse, spread. 4. repel. 9. molt.

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