/skrof"yeuh leuh/, n. Pathol.
primary tuberculosis of the lymphatic glands, esp. those of the neck.
[1350-1400; ME (pl.) < LL scrofulae (L scrof(a) sow + -ulae (pl.) -ULE), from the belief that breeding sows were susceptible]

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      formerly tuberculosis, the terms “scrofulous,” “strumous,” and “tuberculous” being nearly interchangeable in the past, before the real nature of the disease was understood. The particular characteristics associated with scrofula have varied at different periods, but essentially what was meant was tuberculosis of the bones and lymphatic glands, especially in children. It is in this sense that the word survives. The old English popular name was “king's evil,” so called from the belief that the sovereign's touch could effect a cure. See also tuberculosis.

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