ant lion n.
1. Any of various insects of the family Myrmeleontidae, the adults of which resemble dragonflies.
2. The large-jawed larva of the ant lion, which digs a conical crater in the sand designed to trap ants and other insects for food. Also called doodlebug.

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Insect (family Myrmeleontidae) known in its larval stage for its aggressive capture of prey.

The antlion larva digs a funnel-shaped sandy pit by using its oval, bristled abdomen, then buries itself in the pit with only its powerful jaws uncovered. Any small insect that ventures over the pit's edge slips to the bottom and is seized by the antlion, which sucks the contents of its victim and throws out the empty skin. The adult antlion does not feed. The best known of the 65 described species occurs in North America and Europe.


William E. Ferguson

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      any of a group of insects (order Neuroptera) that are named for the predatory nature of the larvae, which trap ants and other small insects in pits dug into the ground. The antlion larva digs a funnel-shaped pit (from 2.5 to 5 cm [1 to 2 inches] deep and 2.5 to 7.5 cm [1 to 3 inches] wide at the edge) by using its oval, sandy-gray abdomen as a plow and heaping the loosened particles on its large square head and throwing them clear of the pit. When the pit is completed the larva buries itself so that only its jaws project. Any small insect that ventures over the edge of the sandy pit slips to the bottom and is seized by the sickle-like jaws of the antlion. After sucking the contents of its victim, the antlion throws the empty skin out of the pit. The larvae of certain species (e.g., the spotted-winged antlion, Dendroleon obsoletus) do not make a pit but seize passing prey from a hiding place.

      After a period of feeding and growth the larva prepares a cocoon of sand and spun silk in which it will transform into a sexually mature adult. The adult antlion is a weak flier and has relatively short, clubbed antennae and four narrow, delicate, densely net-veined wings that may be marked with brown or black. Since the adult does not feed, the larva must consume sufficient food to sustain the adult.

      Myrmeleon formicarius, the best known of the 65 described species, occurs in both North America and Europe, but not in England. It matures in late summer. In the United States the antlion larva is frequently known as a doodlebug.

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