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  • Rhenish Hesse — ( de. Rheinhessen) refers to the part of the former Grand Duchy of Hesse Darmstadt located west of the Rhine river and now part of Rhineland Palatinate. It is a hilly countryside largely devoted to vineyards, therefore it is also called the land… …   Wikipedia

  • Rhenish Hesse — Rheinhessen …   Useful english dictionary

  • Rhenish Palatinate — • A former German electorate Catholic Encyclopedia. Kevin Knight. 2006. Rhenish Palatinate     Rhenish Palatinate     † …   Catholic encyclopedia

  • Rhenish Franconia — ( Rheinfranken ) was the western half of Franconia, immediately east of the Rhine. It was the heartland of the Salian dynasty, which provided four emperors in the 11th and 12th centuries: Conrad II, Henry III, Henry IV, and Henry V. Rhenish… …   Wikipedia

  • Rhenish Republic — Infobox Former Country native name = Rheinische Republik conventional long name = Rhenish Republic common name = Rhenish Republic status = Unrecognized state continent = Europe country = Germany year start = 1923 year end = 1924 date start =… …   Wikipedia

  • Rhenish Massif — The Rhenish Massif (German: Rheinisches Schiefergebirge: Rhenish Slate Range ) is a geologic massif in western Germany, eastern Belgium, Luxembourg and northeastern France. The Rhenish Massif consists of the Belgian and French Ardennes, the… …   Wikipedia

  • Grand Duchy of Hesse — Infobox Former Country native name = Großherzogtum Hessen und bei Rhein conventional long name = Grand Duchy of Hesse and by Rhine common name = Hesse| continent = Europe region = Germany country = Germany era = government type = Monarchy| year… …   Wikipedia

  • Greater Hesse — Infobox Former Subdivision native name = Groß Hessen conventional long name = Greater Hesse common name = Hesse subdivision = Subdivision nation = US administered Germany status text = era = World War II| year start = 1945 date start = 19… …   Wikipedia

  • People's State of Hesse — Infobox Former Subdivision native name = Volksstaat Hessen conventional long name = People s State of Hesse common name = Hesse subdivision = State nation = Germany era = Interwar period| year start = 1918 date start = 9 November event start=… …   Wikipedia

  • Upper Hesse — Province of Upper Hesse, 1905 The province of Upper Hesse (German: Provinz Oberhessen) was one of three provinces in the Grand Duchy of Hesse and later the People s State of Hesse. Its territory covers the area of land north of the River Main in… …   Wikipedia

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