/ri zij"ooh euhl/, adj.
1. pertaining to or constituting a residue or remainder; remaining; leftover.
2. Math.
a. formed by the subtraction of one quantity from another: a residual quantity.
b. (of a set) having complement of first category.
3. of or pertaining to the payment of residuals.
4. Med. remaining in an organ or part following normal discharge or expulsion: residual air.
5. Geol. remaining after the soluble elements have been dissolved: residual soil.
6. a residual quantity; remainder.
7. Often, residuals. something that remains to discomfort or disable a person following an illness, injury, operation, or the like; disability: His residuals are a weak heart and light-headedness.
8. Math.
a. the deviation of one of a set of observations or numbers from the mean of the set.
b. the deviation between an empirical and a theoretical result.
9. Navig. a slight deviation of an adjusted compass on a certain heading.
10. Usually, residuals. additional pay given to a performer for reruns, repeated use of a film, radio or TV commercial, or the like, in which the performer appears.
[1550-60; < L residu(um) what is left over (n. use of neut. of residuus left over, equiv. to resid(ere) to be left over, lit., remain seated (see RESIDE) + -uus deverbal adj. suffix) + -AL1]
Syn. 1. continuing, lasting, enduring, lingering.

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