/rem"euhr euh/, n.
1. any of several fishes of the family Echeneididae, having on the top of the head a sucking disk by which they can attach themselves to sharks, turtles, ships, and other moving objects.
2. Archaic. an obstacle, hindrance, or obstruction.
[1560-70; < L: lit., delay, hindrance, deriv. of remorari to linger, delay, equiv. to re- RE- + morari to delay]

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Any of 8–10 species of marine fishes (family Echeneidae) noted for attaching themselves to, and riding about on, sharks, other marine animals, and oceangoing ships.

Remoras adhere by means of a flat, oval sucking disk on top of the head. They are thin and dark, 1–3 ft (30–90 cm) long. They live in warm waters worldwide, feeding on the leavings or the external parasites of their hosts.

A remora (Echeneis naucrates) and its host, a leopard shark.

Douglas Faulkner

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also called  sharksucker  or  suckerfish 
 any of eight species of marine fishes of the family Echeneidae (order Perciformes) noted for attaching themselves to, and riding about on, sharks, other large marine animals, and oceangoing ships. Remoras adhere by means of a flat, oval sucking disk on top of the head. The disk, derived from the spiny portion of the dorsal fin, contains a variable number of paired, crosswise plates.

      Remoras are thin, elongated, rather dark fishes from 30 to 90 cm (1 to 3 feet) long; they live in warmer waters and are found around the world. Remoras feed on the leavings of their hosts' meals or, in some instances, act as cleaners by eating the external parasites of their transporters.

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