pulp canal


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  • pulp canal — n ROOT CANAL (1) * * * canalis radicis dentis …   Medical dictionary

  • pulp canal — noun : the part of the pulp cavity lying in the root of a tooth * * * Dentistry. See root canal. [1835 45] …   Useful english dictionary

  • pulp canal therapy — endodontics. Also called pulp canal treatment. * * * …   Universalium

  • pulp canal therapy — endodontics. Also called pulp canal treatment …   Useful english dictionary

  • pulp canal therapy — root canal t …   Medical dictionary

  • orifice of pulp canal — foramen apicis dentis …   Medical dictionary

  • Pulp (tooth) — Section of a human molar Latin pulpa dentis Gray s …   Wikipedia

  • pulp cavity — n the central cavity of a tooth containing the dental pulp and being made up of the root canal and the pulp chamber * * * cavitas dentis …   Medical dictionary

  • canal — A duct or channel; a tubular structure. SEE ALSO: c., duct. SYN: canalis [TA]. [L. canalis] abdominal c. SYN: inguinal c.. accessory c. a channel leading from the root …   Medical dictionary

  • pulp — 1. A soft, moist, coherent solid. SYN: pulpa [TA]. 2. SYN: dental p.. 3. SYN: chyme. [L. pulpa, flesh] coronal p. SYN: crown p.. crown p. [TA] that portion of the dental p. contained within the p …   Medical dictionary

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