/ter"euh pod'/, adj.
1. belonging or pertaining to the Pteropoda, a group of mollusks having the lateral portions of the foot expanded into winglike lobes used in swimming.
2. a pteropod mollusk.
[1825-35; < NL Pteropoda (pl.); see PTERO-, -POD]

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also called  sea butterfly 
 small marine gastropods of the subclass Opisthobranchia (phylum Mollusca) characterized by a foot modified to form a pair of winglike flaps (parapodia) that are used for swimming. They live at or near the sea surface; most are less than 1 cm (0.4 inch) long.

      Those that lack a shell and have complicated mechanisms for capturing and eating other small animals constitute the order Gymnosomata; those having a shell and feeding by means of cilia and mucus constitute the order Thecosomata. The shell is delicate and translucent; contrasting forms are seen in the straight-needle pteropod (Creseis acicula), the coiled pteropod (Limacina species), and the long-snouted pteropod (Cavolina longirostris).

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