prothallial, prothallic, prothalline /proh thal"een, -uyn/, adj.prothalloid, adj.
/proh thal"ee euhm/, n., pl. prothallia /-thal"ee euh/.
1. Bot. the gametophyte of ferns and related plants.
2. the analogous rudimentary gametophyte of seed-bearing plants.
[1855-60; < NL < Gk pro- PRO-2 + thallíon, dim. of thallós young shoot; see -IUM]

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▪ plant anatomy
      the small, green, heart-shaped structure (gametophyte) of a fern that produces both male and female sex cells (gametes). The prothallium forms from a spore. After fertilization, a young sporophyte plant develops; it consists of a primary root, primary leaf, the rudiment of a new stem, and an organ, called a foot, that absorbs food from the gametophyte.

      The single prothallial cell of some fern and conifer microspores (small reproductive bodies) represents the vegetative body of the male gametophyte.

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