proteolytic /proh'tee euh lit"ik/, adj.
/proh'tee ol"euh sis/, n. Biochem.
the breaking down of proteins into simpler compounds, as in digestion.
[1875-80; proteo- (comb. form repr. PROTEIN) + -LYSIS]

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Process in which a protein is broken down partially, into peptides, or completely, into amino acids, by proteolytic enzymes, present in bacteria and in plants but most abundant in animals.

Proteins in food are attacked in the stomach by pepsin and in the small intestine mainly by trypsin and chymotrypsin from the pancreas. Proteolytic enzymes are secreted as zymogens, which are themselves converted by proteolysis to their active forms. Many other zymogens or precursors undergo proteolysis to form active enzymes or proteins (e.g., fibrinogen to fibrin). In cells, proteolytic degradation of old proteins is part of cellular maintenance.

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