potently, adv.potentness, n.
/poht"nt/, adj.
1. powerful; mighty: a potent fighting force.
2. cogent; persuasive: Several potent arguments were in his favor.
3. producing powerful physical or chemical effects: a potent drug.
4. having or exercising great power or influence: a potent factor in the economy.
5. (of a male) capable of sexual intercourse.
[1490-1500; < L potent- (s. of potens), prp. of posse to be able, have power; see -ENT]
Syn. 1. strong, puissant. See powerful. 4. influential.
Ant. 1. weak. 4. ineffectual.
/poht"nt/, Heraldry.
1. a fur having a pattern of T-shaped forms, placed in alternate directions and having alternating tinctures, one metal and one color, so that all forms of one tincture face the same way and are between, above, and below forms of the other tincture facing the other way.
2. a T-shaped form used in potent or counterpotent.
3. (of a cross) having a crosspiece at the extremity of each arm: a cross potent.
[1325-75; ME potente crutch, var. of potence < F crutch, support < ML potentia, L: power, POTENCY]

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