/poz'i troh"nee euhm/, n. Physics.
a short-lived atomic system consisting of a positron and an electron bound together.
[1945; POSITRON + -IUM, coined by A. E. Ruark (b. 1899), U.S. physicist]

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      short-lived hydrogen-like atom composed of an electron and a positron (rather than an electron and a proton) arising as a positron is slowed down in matter and captured by an electron. Two forms are known. Parapositronium, in which the spins of the positron and electron are oppositely directed, decays by annihilation into two photons, with a mean life of about one-tenth of a nanosecond (or 10-10 second; a nanosecond is 10−9 second); and orthopositronium, in which the spins are in the same direction, annihilates into three photons with a mean life of about 100 nanoseconds (10-7 second). The properties of positronium corroborate the quantum theory of electrodynamics for a two-particle system.

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