/plaz'meuh des"meuh/, n., pl. plasmodesmata /-meuh teuh/. Bot.
any of many minute strands of cytoplasm that extend through plant cell walls and connect adjoining cells.
[ < G (1901) < Gk plasmo- PLASMO- + désma bond, fetter]

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▪ plant anatomy
plural  plasmodesmata 

      microscopic cytoplasmic canal that passes through plant-cell walls and allows direct communication of molecules between adjacent plant cells. Plasmodesmata are formed during cell division, when traces of the endoplasmic reticulum become caught in the new wall that divides the parent cell. The two progeny cells may be connected by thousands of plasmodesmata, which contain rings of membrane at each end that are thought to regulate the passage of molecules. By overcoming the plasma-membrane barrier, plasmodesmata unite plant cells into syncytial tissues (masses of cytoplasm that have multiple nuclei).

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