Planned Parenthood

an organization offering counseling and health-care services for family planning and for venereal disease and other reproductive problems.

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also called  family planning 

      practice of measures designed to regulate the number and spacing of children within a family.

      The history of concern over the uncontrolled growth of populations (Populations I and II) is as old as recorded history, but it was not until about the 1950s that fears over a rapidly expanding world population came to be combined with fertility practices on the family level. During the 19th century, attempts to educate the public about methods of birth control and the social and economic consequences of sexual ignorance were largely unsuccessful. In the United States it was birth-control advocates such as Margaret Sanger (Sanger, Margaret) who eventually overcame initial public resistance. Undeterred by both legal and religious opposition to her activities, Sanger established the first birth control clinic and published scientific information on sex and family planning. Supported by the efforts of Sanger and others—such as Aletta Jacobs in The Netherlands, Marie Stopes in England, and Dhanvanthis Rama Rau in India—clinics for family planning and health care were established in many countries of the world.

      Among the associations that are involved in planned parenthood services are The United Nations Fund for Population Activities, the World Health Organization, and the World Bank. In the United States the major family planning organization is the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. See also contraception; population.

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