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/piv"euht/, n.
1. a pin, point, or short shaft on the end of which something rests and turns, or upon and about which something rotates or oscillates.
2. the end of a shaft or arbor, resting and turning in a bearing.
3. any thing or person on which something or someone functions or depends vitally: He is the pivot of my life.
4. the person in a line, as of troops on parade, whom the others use as a point about which to wheel or maneuver.
5. a whirling about on one foot.
6. Basketball. the act of keeping one foot in place while holding the ball and moving the other foot one step in any direction, so as not to be charged with walking.
7. Basketball.
a. an offensive position in the front court, usually played by the center, in which the player stands facing away from the offensive basket and serves as the pivot of the offense by setting up plays through passing, making screens, and taking shots.
b. Also called pivotman. the player who plays in the pivot position.
8. Dentistry. (formerly) dowel (def. 4).
9. to turn on or as on a pivot.
10. Basketball. to keep one foot in place while holding the ball and moving the other foot one step in any direction.
11. to mount on, attach by, or provide with a pivot or pivots.
[1605-15; < F pivot (n.), pivoter (v.), OF < ?]

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