/flog"euh puyt'/, n.
a magnesium-rich mica mineral, usually yellowish-brown, but sometimes reddish-brown.
[1840-50; < Gk phlogop(ós) fiery-looking (phlog-, s. of phlóx flame + op(é) view, look + -os adj. suffix) + -ITE1]

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also called  brown mica 
 basic aluminosilicate of potassium, magnesium, and iron that is a member of the common mica group. Varieties that contain only small amounts of iron are economically important as electrical insulators. Phlogopite occurs typically as a metamorphic product (e.g., in crystalline metamorphosed limestones) and also in ultramafic igneous rocks. Phlogopite forms a chemical substitution series with biotite, from which it is arbitrarily distinguished by a magnesium-to-iron ratio greater than 2:1. For detailed physical properties, see mica (table).

      The name phlogopite also denotes an iron-free compound regarded as making up a large part of the mineral. Its chemical composition is K2Mg6(Si6Al2O20)(OH)4.

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