/pahr"theuh noh kahr'pee/, n. Bot.
the production of fruit without fertilization of an egg in the ovary.
[1910-15; PARTHENO- + -carpy; see -CARP, -Y3]

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      development of fruit without fertilization. The fruit resembles a normally produced fruit but is seedless. Varieties of the pineapple, banana, cucumber, grape, orange, grapefruit, persimmon, and breadfruit exemplify naturally occurring parthenocarpy. Seedless parthenocarpic fruit can be induced in nonparthenocarpic varieties and in naturally parthenocarpic varieties out of season by a type of artificial pollination with dead or altered pollen or by pollen from a different type of plant. The application of synthetic growth substances in paste form, by injection, or by spraying, also causes parthenocarpic development.

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