pancratic /pan krat"ik/, adj.
/pan kray"shee euhm/, n., pl. pancratia /-shee euh/.
(in ancient Greece) an athletic contest combining wrestling and boxing.
[1595-1605; < L < Gk pankrátion all-power exercise (n. use of neut. adj.), equiv. to pan- PAN- + krát(os) strength, mastery + -ion, neut. of -ios adj. suffix]

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▪ ancient sport
Greek  Pankration,  

      ancient (ancient Greek civilization) Greek sports event that combined boxing and wrestling, introduced at the Xxxiii Olympiad (648 BC). Simple fisticuffs had been introduced in 688 BC. Particularly popular among Spartans, contests were savage, with hitting, kicking, twisting of limbs, strangling, and struggling on the ground allowed. The only recognized fouls were biting and gouging. A contest ended when one of the fighters acknowledged defeat.

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