ore rotundo

/oh"rdde rddoh toon"doh/; Eng. /awr"ee roh tun"doh, ohr"ee/, Latin.
with full, round voice.

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  • ore rotundo — Latin, lit. with round mouth, from ablative of os mouth (see ORAL (Cf. oral)) + ablative of rotundus round (see ROTUND (Cf. rotund)). From Horace ( Grais ingenium, Grais dedit ore rotundo Musa loqui, in Ars Poetica ) …   Etymology dictionary

  • ore rotundo — foreign term Etymology: Latin with round mouth ; eloquently …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • ore rotundo — /oh rdde rddoh toon doh/; Eng. /awr ee roh tun doh, ohr ee/, Latin. with full, round voice …   Useful english dictionary

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  • orotund — adjective Etymology: modification of Latin ore rotundo, literally, with round mouth Date: circa 1799 1. marked by fullness, strength, and clarity of sound ; sonorous < an orotund voice > 2. pompous, bombastic < an orotund speech > • orotundity …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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  • orotund — orotundity /awr euh tun di tee, ohr /, n. /awr euh tund , ohr /, adj. 1. (of the voice or speech) characterized by strength, fullness, richness, and clearness. 2. (of a style of speaking) pompous or bombastic. [1785 95; contr. of L phrase ore… …   Universalium

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