/nooh"geuht, nooh"gah/, n.
a chewy or brittle candy containing almonds or other nuts and sometimes fruit.
[1820-30; < F < Pr VL *nucatum, n. use of neut. of *nucatus, equiv. to L nuc- (s. of nux) nut + -atus -ATE1]

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      aerated confection made by mixing nuts and sometimes fruit pieces in a sugar paste whose composition is varied to give either a chewy or a brittle consistency. Nougat originated in Mediterranean countries, where honey, together with almonds or other nuts, was beaten into egg whites and then sun-dried.

      In the modern preparation of nougat, honey or sugar and egg albumen are cooked at a temperature below which the albumen coagulates. The resulting mass is then stiffened to the desired degree under heat and combined with hard-cooked sugar and corn syrup. Vegetable fats such as coconut oil are often added to facilitate cutting and biting.

      Nougat is traditionally flavoured with almonds or pistachio nuts. Crystallized fruit pieces are sometimes incorporated.

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