/nee"euh nayt'/, n.
a newborn child, or one in its first 28 days.
[1930-35; NEO- + -nate < L natus born; see NATIVE]

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  • neonate — e o*nate (n[=e] [ o]*n[=a]t), n. A newborn child, especially one less than one month old. Syn: baby, babe, infant. [WordNet 1.5] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • neonate — (n.) recently born infant, 1905, coined from NEO (Cf. neo ) + L. natus born, pp. of nasci be born (Old L. gnasci; see GENUS (Cf. genus)) …   Etymology dictionary

  • neonate — [nē′ō nāt΄, nē′ənāt΄] n. [ModL neonatus < neo , NEO + L natus, born: see NATURE] a newly born individual, esp. an infant during its first month of life neonatal adj. neonatally adv …   English World dictionary

  • neonate — UK [ˈniːəʊneɪt] / US [ˈnɪoʊˌneɪt] noun [countable] Word forms neonate : singular neonate plural neonates medical a very young baby, no more than a few weeks old …   English dictionary

  • neonate — /ˈnioʊneɪt / (say neeohnayt) noun 1. a newborn child, having made the transition from maternally supported intra uterine life to relatively independent life in the external environment. 2. a newborn animal. –adjective 3. of or relating to a… …   Australian English dictionary

  • neonate — noun Etymology: New Latin neonatus, from ne + Latin natus, past participle of nasci to be born more at nation Date: 1932 a newborn child; especially a child less than a month old …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • neonate — noun A newborn infant, a newborn …   Wiktionary

  • neonate — An infant aged 1 month or less. SYN: newborn. [neo + L. natus, born, fr. nascor, to be born] * * * ne·o·nate nē ə .nāt n a newborn infant esp an infant less than a month old * * * n. an infant at any time during the first 28 days of life. The… …   Medical dictionary

  • neonate — (Roget s Thesaurus II) noun A very young child: babe, baby, bambino, infant, newborn, nursling. Idiom: bundle of joy. See KIN, YOUTH …   English dictionary for students

  • neonate — nɪːəʊneɪt n. baby; newborn infant; infant in the first month of life …   English contemporary dictionary

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