mud turtle

any of several small, freshwater turtles of the family Kinosternidae, of North and South America, as the dark-brown Kinosternon subrubrum, of the U.S.
[1775-85, Amer.]

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 any of about 18 species of semiterrestrial freshwater turtles (turtle) belonging to the family Kinosternidae. Mud turtles are found in North and South America from New England to northern Argentina. Like the related musk turtles (musk turtle) (Sternotherus), they are small animals (usually 15 cm [6 inches] or less in shell length) with fleshy barbels on the chin and the ability to exude a strong, musky odour. They differ from musk turtles by having a broad lower shell with a hinged section at either end. The hinged portions of the shells of some species can be pulled up to cover and protect the head, legs, and tail of the turtle.

      Mud turtles occur in a variety of habitats that range from clear forest brooks to intermittent desert streams and ponds. Although highly aquatic in many respects—feeding is almost exclusively so—they are generally poor swimmers and instead prefer to walk along the bottoms of ponds and streams. In addition, some species, such as the striped mud turtle (K. baurii), survive drought periods through estivation ( dormancy) under a shallow layer of mud.

      Mud turtles are omnivores (omnivore) with a preference for animal matter, such as arthropods (arthropod), worms (worm), small fishes (fish), and fish eggs (egg). The clutch sizes of mud turtles vary from a single egg to nearly a dozen, depending on the female's size and health.

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