/mot'seuh rel"leuh, moht'-/, n.
a mild, white, semisoft Italian cheese.
[1910-15; < It, equiv. to mozza a kind of cheese (lit., a cut; cf. mozzare to cut off) + -rella -REL]

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 mild, smooth-textured cheese made in its authentic Italian version from the milk of the water buffalo; imitations of varying quality are commonly made of cow's milk.

      Mozzarella is a plastic or stretched-curd cheese; the curd is mixed with heated whey and stretched and kneaded until it attains a smooth, pliable consistency. It is then molded into spheres or ovals and stored in water to keep it moist. Mozzarella is made fresh daily in many parts of Italy and in Italian delicatessens in the United States and elsewhere.

      Creamy white or pale ivory in colour, mozzarella has a mild, fresh lactic flavour and is used primarily in cooking, especially as a main ingredient in pizza. Delicate and perishable, it typically lasts only a few days; some versions, however, undergo an aging process that strengthens their flavour, toward that of provolone, and prolongs their storage life. Lightly smoked mozzarella is known as Scamorze.

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