/mot"mot/, n.
any of several tropical and subtropical American birds of the family Momotidae, related to the kingfishers, having a serrate bill and chiefly greenish and bluish plumage.
[1625-35; < AmerSp; repetitive compound, imitating the bird's note]

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 any of about eight species of long-tailed forest birds of the family Momotidae (order Coraciiformes) of Central and South America. In six species the two central tail feathers are elongated and become racket-tipped as very brittle barbs (branches) along the shaft snap off in preening. Motmots are about 17 to 50 cm (6.5 to 20 inches) long and are mostly brownish green, often with touches of bright blue on the head or wings.

      Motmots take flying insects and pluck a variety of other invertebrates and small vertebrates from branches. When perched, a motmot often swings the tail from side to side or holds it askew. The nest is a hole dug with the downcurved bill, generally in a sandbank.

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