molecular sieve

a compound with molecule-size pores, as some sodium aluminum silicates, that chemically locks molecules in them: used in purification and separation processes.

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      a porous solid, usually a synthetic or a natural zeolite, that separates particles of molecular dimension. Zeolites are hydrated metal aluminosilicate compounds with well-defined crystalline structures. The silicate and aluminate groupings form three-dimensional crystal lattices surrounding cavities in which the metal ions and the water molecules are loosely held. Channels run through the entire crystal, interconnecting the cavities and terminating at the crystal surface. Upon heating, the zeolites lose their water content with little or no change in their crystal structure. The dehydrated zeolite can reversibly absorb water or other molecules that are small enough to pass through the channels or pores. The metal ions are also readily replaceable by other ionic units of similar charge and size.

      Molecular sieves are used for drying gases and liquids and for separating molecules on the basis of their sizes and shapes. When two molecules are equally small and can enter the pores, separation is based on the polarity (charge separation) of the molecule, the more polar molecule being preferentially adsorbed. Compare gel chromatography.

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