/muy"kroh grav'i tee/, n.
a condition, esp. in space orbit, where the force of gravity is so weak that weightlessness results.
[1980-85; MICRO- + GRAVITY]

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      a measure of the degree to which an object in space is subjected to acceleration. In general parlance the term is used synonymously with zero gravity and weightlessness, but the prefix micro indicates accelerations equivalent to one millionth (10−6) of the force of gravity at Earth's surface. When microgravity (μg) is used as a unit of measure, a specific environment can be characterized as providing, for example, 20 μg (20 microgravities).

      For a large orbital vehicle such as the space shuttle or the International Space Station (ISS), the centre of mass is the best place to locate sensitive experiments, because disturbances increase with distance from the centre. Even then, the ideal is degraded by the activities of the crew and vibrations from ancillary apparatus. Some vibrations can be dampened by “passive” and “active” stabilization systems. At best, the space shuttle can provide only about 10−5 g. A free-flying satellite can provide 10−6 g. The long-term goal aboard the ISS is for active stabilization systems to approach a 10−9 g, or nanogravity, environment.

David M. Harland

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