/mer'euh blas"tik/, adj. Embryol.
(of certain eggs) undergoing partial cleavage, resulting in unequal blastomeres. Cf. holoblastic.
[1865-70; MERO- + -BLAST + -IC]

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  • Meroblastic — Mer o*blas tic, a. (Biol.) Consisting only in part of germinal matter; characterized by partial segmentation only; as, meroblastic ova, in which a portion of the yolk only undergoes fission; meroblastic segmentation; opposed to holoblastic. [1913 …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • meroblastic — MEROBLÁSTIC, Ă, meroblastici, ce, s.f., adj. 1. s.f. (biol.) Proces de formare a blastomerelor în regiunea nucleului prin segmentarea (segmenta) oului sau a zigotului animal. 2. adj. De meroblastică (1). – Din fr. méroblastique. Trimis de… …   Dicționar Român

  • meroblastic — [mer΄ō blas′tik] adj. [< Gr meros, part (see MERIT) + BLAST + IC] Embryology undergoing only partial cleavage: said of certain ova with much yolk, as bird s eggs: cf. HOLOBLASTIC meroblastically adv …   English World dictionary

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