/man/, n.
Isle of, an island of the British Isles, in the Irish Sea. 58,773; 227 sq. mi. (588 sq. km). Cap.: Douglas.

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(as used in expressions)
2002– Man Booker Prize
de Man Paul
man o' war bird
erect man
dexterous man
man the wise
Man o' War
Man Isle of
Portuguese man of war
Society of the Friends of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen

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▪ Côte d’Ivoire
      town, western Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast). The town is situated along the Ko River, in a mountainous area (Massif de Man) on the eastern edge of the Nimba Range. There are iron-ore reserves in the mountains east of Man. The chief trade centre (rice, cassava, livestock, and palm oil and kernels) for a forested region mainly inhabited by the Dan and the Ngere (or Guere) and Wobe peoples, it is also a major collecting point for coffee and timber, which are sent to the Atlantic coast for export. Man is the site of an agricultural research station and a government technical school. It is also a tourist centre. Local Dyula craftsmen have made the town a centre for ivory carvings. The Dan are noted for their wooden masks and for their dances. Pop. (1998) 116,657.

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