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  • amnioscope — ● amnioscope nom masculin Endoscope utilisé pour faire une amnioscopie …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • amnioscope — noun A form of endoscope used to examine the amniotic cavity and its foetus. See Also: amnioscopy …   Wiktionary

  • amnioscope — An endoscope for studying amniotic fluid through the intact amniotic sac. * * * am·nio·scope am nē ə .skōp n an endoscope for observation of the amnion and its contents * * * am·nio·scope (amґne o skōp″) an endoscope used in amnioscopy …   Medical dictionary

  • amnioscope — am·nio·scope …   English syllables

  • amnioscope — noun see amnioscopy …   Useful english dictionary

  • amnioscopy — noun Examination of a foetus and the amniotic fluid in the lowest part of the amniotic sac using an amnioscope introduced through the cervical canal …   Wiktionary

  • amnioscopy — Examination of the amniotic fluid in the lowest part of the amniotic sac by means of an endoscope introduced through the cervical canal. [amnio + G. skopeo, to view] * * * am·ni·os·co·py .am nē äs kə pē …   Medical dictionary

  • амниоскоп — Медицинский эндоскоп, вводимый через влагалище для исследования околоплодных вод. [ГОСТ 18305 83 (СТ СЭВ 3928 82)] Тематики эндоскопы медицинские EN amnioscope DE Amnioskop …   Справочник технического переводчика

  • am|ni|os|co|py — «AM nee OS kuh pee», noun. examination by means of amnioscope …   Useful english dictionary

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