lexical meaning

the meaning of a base morpheme. Cf. grammatical meaning.

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  • lexical meaning — n. the meaning of a BASE1 (n. 15) in a paradigm, apart from any meaning it may acquire as part of a sentence (Ex.: the meaning of walk in walks, walked, walking) …   English World dictionary

  • lexical meaning — noun the meaning of a content word that depends on the nonlinguistic concepts it is used to express • Hypernyms: ↑meaning, ↑significance, ↑signification, ↑import • Part Holonyms: ↑content word, ↑open class word * * * ˈlexical meaning …   Useful english dictionary

  • lexical meaning — /lɛksɪkəl ˈminɪŋ/ (say leksikuhl meening) noun that part of the meaning of a linguistic form which does not depend on its membership of a particular form class, especially (of inflected words) the meaning common to all the members of an… …   Australian English dictionary

  • lexical meaning — noun Date: 1933 the meaning of the base (as the word play) in a paradigm (as plays, played, playing) compare grammatical meaning …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • lexical meaning — lex′ical mean′ing n. ling. the meaning of a base morpheme or word, independent of its use within a construction Compare grammatical meaning • Etymology: 1930–35 …   From formal English to slang

  • Meaning–text theory — (MTT) is a theoretical linguistic framework, first put forward in Moscow by Aleksandr Žolkovskij and Igor Mel’čuk,[1] for the construction of models of natural language. The theory provides a large and elaborate basis for linguistic description… …   Wikipedia

  • Lexical semantics — is a subfield of linguistic semantics. It is the study of how and what the words of a language denote (Pustejovsky, 1995). Words may either be taken to denote things in the world, or concepts, depending on the particular approach to lexical… …   Wikipedia

  • Lexical field theory — Lexical field theory, or word field theory , was introduced in 1931 by the German linguist Jost Trier. According to Trier, lexical changes must always be seen, apart from the traditional aspects, in connection with the changes within a given word …   Wikipedia

  • Lexical item — Lexical items are single words or words that are grouped in a language s lexicon. Examples are cat , traffic light , take care of , by the way , and don t count your chickens before they hatch . Lexical items are those which can be generally… …   Wikipedia

  • Lexical functional grammar — (LFG) is a grammar framework in theoretical linguistics, a variety of generative grammar. The development of the theory was initiated by Joan Bresnan and Ronald Kaplan in the 1970s, in reaction to the direction research in the area of… …   Wikipedia

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