legitimism, n.
/li jit"euh mist/, n.
1. a supporter of legitimate authority, esp. of a claim to a throne based on direct descent.
2. Also, legitimistic. of, pertaining to, or supporting legitimate authority.
[1835-45; < L legitim(us) lawful (see LEGITIM) + -IST, modeled on F légitimiste]

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▪ French history
French  Légitimiste,  

      in 19th-century France, any of the royalists who from 1830 onward supported the claims of the representative of the senior line of the house of Bourbon to be the legitimate king of France. They were opposed not only to republicans but also to the other monarchist factions: to the Orleanists, royalist adherents of the house of Bourbon-Orléans, who at the July Revolution of 1830 recognized Louis-Philippe as king of France; and to the Bonapartists, who favoured a restoration of the French Empire. The Legitimist position was theoretically unassailable as long as the Count de Chambord, whom they recognized as Henry V of France, was alive. The Count de Chambord's intransigence, however, precluded a coalition between the Legitimists and Orleanists even when the collapse of the Second Empire (1852–70) seemed to make a restoration of the monarchy possible. After the Count de Chambord's death without heirs in 1883, most Legitimists switched their support to the Orleanist pretender, Louis-Philippe-Albert, Count de Paris.

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