legal aid

free legal service to persons unable to pay for a lawyer.

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      the professional legal assistance given, either at no charge or for a nominal sum, to indigent persons in need of such help. In criminal cases most countries—especially those in which a person accused of a crime enjoys a presumption of innocence—provide the services of a lawyer for those who have insufficient means of their own. In some countries defender offices with salaried personnel, either publicly or privately supported, have been found to be the most economical solution. In other countries where there is no shortage of lawyers skilled in criminal law and trial practice, private lawyers undertake this duty, being assigned by the court or being chosen by the accused person himself. In many countries these private lawyers receive no remuneration or only a nominal fee paid either by the state or from charitable funds. In an increasing number of countries, the provision by the state of a fund sufficient to pay an adequate fee and to cover all allied expenses is considered to be necessary to ensure that the person receiving this aid gets proper service.

      Traditionally, in many countries, as one of the public-service responsibilities attached to the practice of law, lawyers also undertake to give legal aid in civil cases.

      In 1958 the International Bar Association sponsored the organization of the International Legal Aid Association, the purpose of which is to (1) compile and maintain a directory of legal aid agencies, (2) collect and distribute information concerning both the services provided by such organizations and laws and other provisions regulating legal aid in the various nations, (3) develop facilities for the referral of cases on a basis of reciprocal service among the cooperating agencies, and (4) encourage the establishment of legal aid services in all countries where they may be needed and to cooperate with bar associations, the judiciary, social welfare agencies, and other international organizations interested in extending and improving legal aid and defender services. The need for such an international organization was recognized by the League of Nations in 1924 and later by the International Red Cross and other international agencies concerned with social welfare, especially those dealing with migration.

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