laterally, adv.
/lat"euhr euhl/, adj.
1. of or pertaining to the side; situated at, proceeding from, or directed to a side: a lateral view.
2. pertaining to or entailing a position, office, etc., that is different but equivalent or roughly equivalent in status, as distinguished from a promotion or demotion: a lateral move.
3. Phonet. articulated so that the breath passes on either or both sides of the tongue, as l.
4. a lateral part or extension, as a branch or shoot.
5. Mining. a small drift off to the side of a principal one.
6. Phonet. a lateral speech sound.
7. Football. See lateral pass.
8. Football. to throw a lateral pass.
9. to move laterally or sideways: migrating birds lateraling down into Cape May.
10. Football. to throw (the ball) in a lateral pass.
[1590-1600; < L lateralis of the side, equiv. to later- (s. of latus) side + -alis -AL1]

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      in phonetics, a consonant sound produced by raising the tip of the tongue against the roof of the mouth so that the airstream flows past one or both sides of the tongue. The l sounds of English, Welsh, and other languages are laterals.

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