/lans"wood', lahns"-/, n.
1. the tough, elastic wood of any of various trees, esp. Oxandra lanceolata, of tropical America, used for carriage shafts, cabinetwork, etc.
2. a tree that yields this wood.
[1690-1700; LANCE1 + WOOD1]

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      tough, heavy, elastic, straight-grained wood obtained from several different trees of the custard-apple family (Annonaceae). True lancewood, Oxandra lanceolata, of the West Indies and Guianas, furnishes most of the lancewood of commerce in the form of spars about 13 feet (4 m) in length and 5 inches (13 cm) in diameter at the small end. Lancewood was formerly used by carriage builders for shafts. The smaller wood is used for whip handles, for the tops of fishing rods, and for various minor purposes where even-grained elastic wood is desired. The black lancewood, or carisiri, of the Guianas, Guatteria virgata, grows to a height of about 50 feet (15 m) and has a remarkably slender trunk that is seldom more than 8 inches (20 cm) in diameter. The yellow lancewood tree (Duguetia quitarensis), or yari-yari, of the Guianas, is of similar dimensions and is used by the Indians for arrow points as well as for spars and beams. Trees of the genus Rollinia of the Guianas are also called lancewood. Australian lancewood is derived from several species of Backhousia (family Myrtaceae). Florida lancewood, of the genus Nectandra (family Lauraceae), is not used commercially.

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