/layk"wood'/, n.
1. a city in central Colorado, near Denver. 112,848.
2. a city in SW California, near Los Angeles. 74,654.
3. a city in NE Ohio, on Lake Erie, near Cleveland. 61,963.
4. a town in E New Jersey. 38,464.

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Township (pop., 2000: 60,352), eastern New Jersey, U.S. Located southwest of Asbury Park, it was settled by the Dutch and English in 1800, and it was known successively as Three Partners' Mill, Washington's Furnace, Bergen Iron Works, and Bricksburg.

It is now a popular resort and recreation area, and its population nearly doubled in the 1980s.

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      township, Ocean county, eastern New Jersey, U.S., on the South Branch Metedeconk River, in a pine forest and lake region. The township includes the communities of Lakewood, Leisure Village, and Leisure Village East. Settled by the Dutch and English in 1814, the township was known successively as Three Partners' Mill, Washington's Furnace, Bergen Iron Works, Bricksburg, and, finally, Lakewood. In the 1890s wealthy New Yorkers built country mansions around Lake Carasaljo.

      Lakewood is now a popular health and winter resort. It is the site of Georgian Court College (1908) for women, located on the former estate of business magnate Jay Gould (Gould, Jay), and of the Ocean County Park (the former Rockefeller family estate and a noted arboretum). The area's diversified industries include the manufacture of boxes, plastics, pumps, automobile parts, and chemicals. Inc. 1892. Area 25 square miles (64 square km). Pop. (1990) 45,048; (2000) 60,352.

      city, Cuyahoga county, northeastern Ohio, U.S., on Lake Erie, just west of Cleveland. Surveyed in 1806 as part of Rockport township, the area was not permanently settled until James Nicholson arrived from Connecticut in 1818; several dozen settlers were there by the following year and named the community Rockport. The town grew around a plank toll road (1840s) and rail line (1869) and was known from 1871 as East Rockport; it was renamed in 1889 for its wooded lakeshore. It is mainly residential with some light industry. The Lakewood Arts Festival is an annual summer event; the Beck Center for the Arts (formerly Lakewood Little Theater) is also in the city. Inc. village, 1903; city, 1911. Pop. (2000) 56,646; (2005 est.) 53,244.

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