/jung"koh/, n., pl. juncos.
any of several small North American finches of the genus Junco. Also called snowbird. Cf. dark-eyed junco, slate-colored junco.
[1700-10; < Sp: rush, bird found in rush beds < L juncus rush]

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Any of several species of finchlike birds (genus Junco, family Fringillidae), about 6 in.

(15 cm) long, of Canada and the U.S. Juncos are usually a shade of gray; they have white outer tail feathers that are flashed in flight to the accompaniment of snapping or twittering calls. They are common winter birds. Their favored habitat is mixed or coniferous forest, though they are often found in fields, thickets, and city parks.

Dark-eyed junco (Junco hyemalis)

Steve and Dave Maslowski

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 any of several birds of the genus Junco, small sparrows of the family Fringillidae (sometimes classified as Emberizidae). Juncos are about 15 cm (6 inches) long and variable in colour, though generally a shade of gray; they have white outer tail feathers that are flashed in flight to the accompaniment of snapping or twittering calls. Their bills are generally pinkish. Juncos range from Alaska and Canada south to Georgia and northern Mexico; they are common winter birds in the United States. Their favoured habitat is mixed or coniferous forest, though they are often noted in fields, thickets, and city parks. The female lays from three to five brown-spotted, light green eggs per clutch.

      The dark-eyed, or slate-coloured, junco (J. hyemalis) breeds across Canada and in the Appalachian Mountains; northern migrants are the “snowbirds” of the eastern United States. In western North America there are several forms of junco with brown or pinkish markings; among them is the yellow-eyed Mexican junco (J. phaeonotus).

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