/jig"euhr/, n.
1. a person or thing that jigs.
2. Naut.
a. the lowermost sail set on a jiggermast.
b. jiggermast.
c. a light tackle, as a gun tackle.
3. any of various mechanical devices, many of which have a jerky or jolting motion.
4. Informal. some contrivance, article, or part that one cannot or does not name more precisely: What is that little jigger on the pistol?
5. Ceram. a machine for forming plates or the like in a plaster mold rotating beneath a template.
6. Mining. a jig for separating ore.
7. a jig for fishing.
8. Golf. a club with an iron head intermediate between a mashie and a midiron, now rarely used.
9. Billiards, Pool. a bridge.
10. -
a. a 11/2-oz. (45-ml) measure used in cocktail recipes.
b. a small whiskey glass holding 11/2 oz. (45 ml).
[1665-75; JIG1 + -ER1]
/jig"euhr/, n.
1. Also called jigger flea. chigoe.
2. Chiefly South Midland and Southern U.S. chigger.
[1750-60; var. of CHIGGER]
/jig"euhr/, v.t.
1. to interfere with.
2. to manipulate or alter, esp. in order to get something done illegally or unethically: to jigger company records to conceal a loss.
[1865-70; JIG2 (in verbal sense) + -ER6]

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, / (Pulex penetrans)

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