ichthyotic /ik'thee ot"ik/, adj.
/ik'thee oh"sis/, n. Pathol.
a hereditary skin disease in which the epidermis continuously flakes off in large scales or plates.
[1805-15; < NL; see ICHTHY-, -OSIS]

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also called  fish-skin disease , or  xeroderma 

      a hereditary condition involving dryness and scaliness of the skin brought about by excessive growth of the horny outermost covering of the skin. The dead cells of this horny layer do not slough off at the normal rate but tend instead to adhere to the skin surface to form scales; horny plaques and papules may also be present in more severe cases. The skin in this condition is intolerant of even the mildest irritants and is prone to severe chapping and fissuring in cold weather. Ichthyosis is usually not detected at birth, but, as the child grows older, dry branny scaling will appear, being most marked on the extensor surfaces of the extremities. Ichthyosis may sometimes be associated with a deficiency of the sweat glands and, less frequently, with irregularities in the growth of hair, teeth, and nails. In its mild and simplest form, ichthyosis is probably the most common of the hereditary skin disturbances.

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