ice cave

a cave containing ice that remains unmelted during all or most of the year.

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      cavity in ice or an underground cave that has permanent ice deposits. The two types of ice cave are wholly unrelated.

      The first type of ice cave is formed by meltwater streams carving labyrinths in the bases of glaciers or by streams and wind hollowing out tunnels in snowfields. These usually have scalloped, translucent walls that transmit a blue light.

      The second type of ice cave occurs either when frigid winter air settles into downward-leading caverns where it cannot be forced out or when moisture freezes in currents of cold air. Frozen lakes, icicles, and ice draperies are common formations. Helictite-like icicles also form where air currents deflect the freezing water. The splendid ice deposits formed in the lava caves of the northwestern United States are dwarfed by the limestone ice-cave systems of the Alps. The Eisriesenwelt (“Ice Giant World”) in Austria exhibits a frozen landscape that extends 42 km (26.1 miles).

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