/herr"beuh vawr', -vohr'/, n.
a herbivorous animal.
[1850-55; < NL herbivorus; see HERB, -I-, -VORE]

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Animal adapted to subsist solely on plant tissues.

Herbivores range from insects (e.g., aphids) to large mammals (e.g., elephants), but the term is most often applied to ungulates. Adaptations for a herbivorous diet include the four-chambered stomach of ruminants, the ever-growing incisor teeth of rodents, and the specialized grinding molars of cattle, sheep, and goats. Certain herbivores eat only one type of food (e.g., the koala), but most have at least moderate variety in their diet.

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      animal adapted to subsist solely on plant tissues. The herbivores range from insects (such as aphids) to large mammals (such as elephants).

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